Our Values and Ethos

Light Oaks Junior School is a larger than average junior school, with three classes in each year group. We specialise in educating children from 7-11 years old and work closely with the Infant School with whom we share the site.

We hold the Emotionally Friendly Schools' Silver Award, the Platinum Schools' Games Mark for PE, The Fair Trade Achiever Award, One Education Silver Award for Reading and the UNICEF Rights Respecting School Silver Award.  We definitely need a bigger trophy cabinet for all the other awards and trophies we win across the year!

Our mission is to develop confident, happy children who are passionate about learning and are ready for the next step on their journey through life; we recognise how special each child is and see the potential which they all have to make a difference to our world. All of our pupils are valued and we work hard to ensure that they all do the very best they can whilst they are with us, and once they leave.

We make sure our children are safe and know how to keep themselves and others safe; our aim is to give all of our children the skills they need to be responsible future citizens, with the cultural capital and maturity to be the best they can be in life.

Respect, Resilience and Responsibility

These are our key values, which we promote constantly within our school and which we foster through high expectations and perseverance.  They form the basis of our trauma-informed relationships and behaviour policy and are underpinned by a sense of positive wellbeing and belonging.  Our values are modelled by our teachers and are taught explicitly to our children.

  1. We place wellbeing at the heart of our school: we teach about, though and for wellbeing and are concerned with the mental wellness, resilience and character of all members of our school community.
  2. We believe in collaboration and working together to ensure that nobody gets left behind; that we can achieve together and that everyone will strive to be the best they can be, recognising that we can learn from the mistakes and errors we make.
  3. We believe that all members of the school community should be supported to achieve their best; everyone is valued, everyone is welcome and everyone's voice is heard.