Our uniform has been designed to provide equity, equality and value for money for parents.  Items can be bought from the school office, but can also be bought unbranded from a variety of local shops and supermarkets. 


Bags and pencil cases

Please note that we do not have the space to store rucksacks or large bags and request that children bring a book bag only. Children must not bring pencil cases to school: stationery will be provided.

Pre-loved uniform

We always try to hold a small stock of pre-loved uniform, donated by parents.  We hope that this will:

  • help families who are in financial difficulty access school uniform at no cost;  
  • extend the life of items that children quickly grow out of; 
  • promote a positive, eco-friendly culture of community support and recycling. 

If you would like to see if there are any items available in our pre-loved stock, please contact the school office on 0161 921 1690, through our website or email Lightoaks.juniorschool@salford.gov.uk

School uniform consists of a day uniform, worn on three days of the week and a sport uniform worn on two days of the week. We do not make any distinction between genders.  Uniform requirements are as below:

Day Uniform

  • Grey or black skirt, formal trousers or formal shorts (no leggings or tracksuit pants)
  • Short sleeved white shirt/blouse or polo shirt, tucked in
  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan (one with the school logo can be bought from the school office)
  • Black trainers without logos (not expensive ones please) or full school shoes - not ballet pumps. This is to enable all pupils to be able to play well in our outdoor areas
  • White, black or grey socks or tights
  • A blue gingham school dress can also be worn

Sport Uniform

Pupils are to wear this to school on PE days. 

Note: Only PE kit for after school clubs can be brought in a draw-string bag. 

  • Plain, unbranded, black or navy blue track-suit or track-suit top with joggers, sports leggings or appropriate sport shorts
  • Plain, white T-shirt
  • White, black or grey socks
  • Plain trainers

Please note: football shirts/kit/tracksuits are not allowed, and kit with logos is discouraged.

Year 5 swimming lessons:

Parents will be notified via email when pupils are attending swimming lessons. Pupils should bring swimming kit to school in a small drawstring bag

  • Swim shorts or one-piece swimming costume
  • A small towel
  • Swimming hat

Notes on PE Uniform

From time to time, pupils may come to school wearing incorrect PE uniform (sometimes without parent's knowledge). In this instance, we will require your child to change into a plain white T-shirt whilst in school. Please be assured that all of our spare PE kit is laundered after each use, and we will let you know if your child has had to change in school. To ensure privacy and to avoid any embarrassment, pupils will be asked to change in private and not in the classroom.

Accessories - Guidance

  • No jewellery except a watch.  This includes bangles and bracelets (including friendship bracelets), necklaces, nose studs, earrings and other body jewellery.   A simple digital or analogue watch can be worn - no smart watches or fit-bits or complex digital watches (e.g. calculator watches)
  • Earrings should not be worn.  Children wearing earrings will be expected to cover these with surgical tape while they are in school.  Pupils who cannot remove earrings will not be able to take part in PE (in line with the  Association for Physical Education guidance).  Please have children's ears pierced at the end of the Summer term to minimise the impact on children missing out on their education.
  • Black, blue or white hair accessories only: no head coverings unless this is for religious observance
  • No make-up, nail varnish or false nails


Pupils are encouraged to play out as much as possible - even in light rain or when it is cold. Please provide a waterproof coat that is appropriate for the season, preferably black or navy blue.