Curriculum Overview

We have developed our curriculum around the ethos and practices established in our school over a number of years.

The curriculum has been designed to complement our teaching and learning policy and to embed our vision and ethos which is underpinned by our three key values of:


Our curriculum is always evolving, so that we can mould it to the needs, interests and requirements of our ever-changing school community. We ensure it promotes retention, develops subject-specific and generic learning skills and is accessible for all. Above all, our curriculum is designed to promote a love of learning, to promote interest and to provide motivation. Our aim is to ensure children are ready for High School and have a broad, high-quality grounding in all the subjects we teach.

Preparing pupils for life in modern Britain

We want to ensure that our children have the best chance in life and are ready for the next stage of their education.  Our curriculum is enriched by teaching pupils about and through:

British Values

We ensure that the key values associated with life in Britain are taught across the school in all subjects. Children are taught about them explicitly and we ensure that they understand what the values represent. These values are:

  • Democracy: we work together to get things done
  • The Rule of Law: we know right from wrong
  • Individual Liberty & Responsibility: we believe in ourselves and help others
  • Mutual Respect: we care about each other and are kind
  • Tolerance & Understanding of others' cultures, faiths, lifestyles & abilities: we respect and understand others

Cultural Capital

We have ensured that our curriculum promotes the acquisition of cultural capital (see this video HERE for an explanation), but ensuring that our pupils have a broad and balanced experience of learning, complemented by a wide range of enrichment activities and events.


We teach equality and equity explicitly through our wellbeing curriculum, and within our equality week.  We are currently auditing all of our curriculum to ensure that it promotes equality and complies with our duty under the equalities act 2010. This includes ensuring that pupils can access the full curriculum regardless of any special need or disability. Teachers know that they must adapt the learning so that all children can access the full curriculum wherever possible.

School Values

Our school values of Respect, Resilience and Responsibility are promoted tirelessly throughout the school and are underpinned in our behaviour policy, through planned assemblies and in our ethos of a supportive, respectful school.  Our values work alongside our promotion of the UNICEF Rights of the child (HERE), British values, acquisition of cultural capital and promotion of the equalities duty to ensure our children are ready for High School and beyond.