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*REMOTE LEARNING DURING COVID-19 ISOLATION:  More detailed information about our remote learning offer can be found HERE.*


All children are given access to a number of remote learning opportunities which they can access throughout their time at our school.  We sometimes use these to set homework, and children can access them whenever they need to - if they are off school, if they are self-isolating, or if they are just a bit bored!

Passwords and login detailed have been given to all pupils, but you can contact school if you are not sure what these are or if your child has forgotten them.  Please phone, or email HERE.

RMUNIFY/TEAMS: We use microsoft Teams to deliver live lessons during times of self-isolation, which is provide by RM - this is the platform we used throughout the Covid Lockdowns. Information about how to use this platform can be found HERE.

SHOWBIE:  an online platform where work can be uploaded by the class teacher, and how chidlren can upload wprk for teachers to mark. Information about how to use this platform can be found HERE.

TIMES TABLES ROCKSTARS:  Daily times tables practice.  Teachers set challenges throughout the year to encourage pupils to practice times tables knowledge and speed.  This is essential to ensure pupils can access the maths curriculum quickly and easily, and prepares them for the Times Tables Check in Year 4. 

SPELLING SHED: Another fun platform where pupils can practice spellings and play some awesome games!

SPAG.COM: Tests and quizzes to help chidlren learn about spelling, punctuation and grammar

READTHEORY: Short, straightforward reading comprehensions to help pupils practise their understanding of what they read.

PURPLE MASH: All sorts of games and lessons you can access for diferent subejcts.  This is the platform where we learn about computing and where chidlren can code a programme or game!

FLASH ACADEMY: this is a fun learning site which is for very special pupils only! You must work extremely hard to be given a login for this site!


A list of links to live or virtual learning experiences to supplement learning for your children. Please choose any subject children are interrested in:


BBC Bitesize: Online content to revise and learn across the whole primary curriculum. New daily content coming soon!

GRIDCLUB: lots of online learning games for all topics.

DfE: Government links to online learning sites.


ESSENTIAL SKILLS: A great way of learning important learning skills online

READING: Oxford Owl: Reading activities and tips HERE. Online e-books to read HERE

MATHS: Highly Recommended: White Rose Maths resources with instructions how to use at home.

MATHS: Top Marks: Online Maths games for all ages

SCIENCE: Maddie Moate on You Tube: CBBC science. A daily science show at 11:00am.

SCIENCE: WWF: the Learn to Love Nature Hub

SCIENCE: Exploratorium: check out the real facts about Coronavirus and science.

COMPUTING: coding ideas and tutorials

HISTORY: Horrible Histories site - videos on BBCi-player and games galore.

HISTORY: BBC History learning for children

GEOGRAPHY: National Geographic: Geography games and fun activities. Check out the rest of the site for other learning activities.

SPANISH: Duolingo has some free activities

MUSIC: PoP Uk - singing at home

PE: Joe Wicks: PE live every morning at 9:00am

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