Online safety

Online Safety

We know that the internet is a wonderful place, where children can learn and have fun. However, we are also aware that there are risks involved with allowing children unsupervised access to the World Wide Web. We teach our children about online safety throughout the school, in every class, every time they encounter e-learning, or have access to the Internet, and we know that you want your children to be safe too.


Our e-cadets are a group of children who meet together to discuss online safety and to develop a strategy for keeping everyone safe in our school. They enter competitions, give support and advice to their classmates and help to teach others about online safety. They also help teachers and Governors make decisions about what the school should do to help children stay safe.

What you can do

Below are some useful resources that you can access to help both you and your children stay safe on the Internet:

Childnet : information and games to help chidlren learn about online safety

Thinkuknow : information and leanring about online safety - including an easy report an incident button

KidSmart : games and activities to learn about online safety

UKSaferInternetCentre : tips and ideas to help you keep your children safe online

E Safety Policy MOMO advice Omegle Parents' Guide

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