Covid-19: remote Learning

How can my child learn while they are at home?

Remote Learning:

Remote learing will continue to be available for anyone having to self isolate due to coronavirus.  Please note this is not available for pupils who are away from school for other illnesses, as we would not expect children to be accessing home learning if they are too ill to come into school.

What We Offer: an overview

We will provide live learning across the whole school day, via Microsoft Teams from 9:00 - 3:30pm (with an hour for lunch and a short break in the morning).  All of the children know how to get onto the RM Unify platform, but if you are unsure please phone school and someone can talk you through the process.  We can also send you passwords and log-ins if these have been forgotten.  Work is completed remotely via Showbie and the class teacher will give feedback in the same way as they would if your child was in class.

All classes will receive a full day of teaching, with time for feedback and queries.  We will cover all of the subjects that the rest of the class are studying so that no child misses out on their full curriculum entitlement.  For some lessons, an adapted activity may be more appropriate for children at home.  An example of this would be in PE, where easy-to-follow skills lessons and challenges will be presented to those at home to be completed in a garden, or inside while the rest of the class are doing their PE lesson.  The class teacher will always be happy to hear how a home PE lesson has gone at the end of the session!

What if I haven't got a device my child can use, or they are having to share one?

We have plenty of spare laptops in school that can be borrowed.  If you contact school,  we can arrange for you to pick one up, or we can deliver a device if you are all having to self isolate together.

What if I can't access the Internet, or my child would prefer to work on paper?

We can provide paper packs if this is the only alternative, but we would prefer you to access live learning, so that your child still feels that they are learning alongside their friends.  It is always good for children's wellbeing to be able to see the rest of the class and say hello. 

My child has special needs.  What can you do to help us?

If your child's teacher feels they can access the learning in class, they will provide personalised tasks matched to your child's ability (like we do normally in school) and your child can continue to learn alongside their friends as normal. 

Pupils who follow a more bespoke curriculum in school because of a significant need may have slightly different live learning or may be directed to other learning activities.  We will contact you about this if your child has to stay at home.

If you feel that any pupil with an additional need or disability needs extra help or they are struggling to access the work please call school and speak to the class teacher, Mrs Hughes our Senco or Mrs Walker our Inclusion Leader.  Our contact details can be found HERE.

How can I get more information?:

  • Extra details about our remote learning offer and links to websites we recommend can be found HERE.
  • Full information about our remote learning offer can be found HERE.
  • Full government guidance about a range of coronavirus related issues can be found HERE.
  • Our Operational Risk Assessment can be found HERE.  *Updated 30/11/21*

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