Light Oaks Junior School Staff

Headteacher:   Mrs Zandra Wilkinson

Deputy Headteacher & Inclusion Lead:  Mrs Claire Walker

Assistant Headteacher & Senco: Mrs Joanne Hughes

Year 3  Class Teachers:                                   Year 4  Class Teachers:

3X: Miss Hayes                                                  4X: Miss Roebuck

3Y: Mr Garvey                                                     4Y: Mrs Holmes

3Z: Mr Entwistle                                                   4Z: Mr Eaves

Year 5  Class Teachers:                                    Year 6  Class Teachers:

5X: Mrs Smith                                                         6X: Mr Jackson

5Y: Mrs Booth                                                           6Y: Mrs Wild

   5Z: Miss Wood                                                        6Z: Mrs Waddington

Teachers providing release time and recovery support:

Mrs Tempest    Miss Hunter   Mrs Taylor

Teaching Assistants:

Mr Walker (HLTA)

Ms Anderson     Ms Bienias    Mrs Crossley   Mrs Done   Mrs Haynes    Mrs McGrath   Mrs Mellor

Miss Mellor      Miss Parkinson   Miss Taylor   Mrs Tew   Mr Turner   Mr Wolfenden

Support Staff

Business, Finance and Resource Manager:  Mrs Deborah Taylor

Attendance and Administrative Manager:  Mrs Bonnie Lever

School Clerk: Ms J Burgess

Site Manager:    Mr Dan Elliot           Caretaker:  Mr Bradley Myers

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