Light Oaks Junior School Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the new National Curriculum which came into effect in September 2014.


Our RE curriculum is based on the Salford Agreed Syllabus.


We have incorporated all of the primary programmes of study into our own curriculum and have added extra content which we felt would benefit our children. This includes local history studies across the school, a rigorous program of counting and mental maths, and several learning weeks in which exciting content can be delivered in order to enthuse and motivate our children. Our aim is to instil a love of learning in all areas of the Curriculum.


The official Government documents which outline the National Curriculum can be found here.

The Salford Agreed Syllabus can be found below:

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British Values

We ensure that the key values associated with life in Britain are taught across the school in all subjects and these are emphasised in the PHSCE Curriculum, RE, History and through assemblies in particular.  These values are:


  •  Democracy: we work together to get things done
  •  The Rule of Law: we know right from wrong
  •  Individual Liberty & Responsibility: we believe in ourselves and help others
  •  Mutual Respect: we care about each other and are kind
  • Tolerance & Understanding of others' cultures, faiths, lifestyles & abilities:we respect and understand others


These British Values are widely promoted through our behaviour system and are underpinned in planned assemblies and in our ethos of a supportive, respectful school.


Wellbeing is our key driver as a school.  We want our children to be happy, work hard, be resilient to cope with challenges and obstacles and learn from mistakes.  We have a dedicated wellbeing hour every Friday afternoon where these characteristics can be explored and developed.  This, along with a rigorous programme of personal, social, health and emotional development supports our pupils to become effective British Citizens.  We encourage a 'Growth Mindset' and actively teach children how to cope with life's challenges.

Non Negotiables

All of our teaching and learning is based on a set of statements which have been developed by the governors, staff, parents and pupils of our school.  These form our vision of how we want our school to be and form the basis of all learning in the classroom.  These can be found on our 'values and ethos' page in the 'about our school' menu above.

Curriculum Documents

Below are a list of curriculum documents which you can download.  The first document is an overview of the whole curriculum, then the following documents are our full curriculum in more detail.  These are the documents which our teachers use to plan and assess learning.  Please note, however, that our Curriculum is very new and we will be systematically improving it throughout the next few years, so there may be slight changes in the future. 

If you require any further information about our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact us page, or speak to any member of staff.

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