KS2 Results

KS2 performance

Everyone at Light Oaks Junior School works extremely hard to make sure our children do the best they can throughout school, but especially at the end of KS2, where the children have to sit their SATs tests.  We realise that some children can be anxious about tests, so our Year 6 Team make sure the children are well prepared and know exactly what to expect from them.  Some children can have extra help, or can be taught in smaller groups to make sure they do the best they can. Consequently, our chlidren achieve well in the tests. Information about our most recent results can be found below, alongside links to performance data on the web.

Our Latest KS2 Results: 2018 Headlines

  • In reading, we had a greater percentage of pupils reaching age related expectations in 2018, than local authority and national averages.
  • In Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling, we had a greater percentage of pupils reaching age related expectations and greater depth than local authority and national averages.
  • We remain above 'floor standard'.

Our latest KS2 Results: overview 2018

  • Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and maths:   55%  
  • Average Progress in Reading: -0.8
  • Average Progress in Writing: -1.6
  • Average Progress in Mathematics: -0.7
  • Percentage of pupils achieving a high level of attainment in reading, writing and mathematics:  7% 
  • Average Scaled Score in Reading: 104
  • Average Scaled Score in Mathematics: 106
  • Average Scaled Score in Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling: 104

Further details can be found below:

DfE School and College Performance Tables

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