Our Awards

International Schools at Light Oaks Junior School

At Light Oaks Junior School we are committed to educating our pupils about the wider world and its different cultures and seek to ensure that the core British value of tolerance and acceptance of others' faith and culture is promoted across the school. We therefore strive to include an international element across the curriculum. During the last decade, Light Oaks Junior School has been awarded the prestigious International School Award several times by the British Council. This award was given in recognition of cross-curricular activities which brought an international element to the children’s learning. This academic year we will be applying to the British Council for reaccreditation of the award. We have planned several international themed activities such as a Spanish Day, where the children learn about different Spanish Speaking countries and their cultures as well as some of the language. We are hoping to make some new links with schools oversees in order to complete some shared projects and help our pupils learn first-hand what life is like in other countries. We are particularly keen to develop links with a partner school in the United States of America, which is mainly Spanish speaking, to link with our language learning. By further developing this international element to our curriculum, we hope to help Light Oaks’ pupils become global citizens who are well-informed and culturally aware.

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