As public bodies, schools must comply with the public sector equality duty.  We follow the advice set out by the Government which can be accessed here.  This states that schools cannot unlawfully discriminate against pupils because of their sex, race, disability, religion or belief or sexual orientation.  As a school, we have developed an Equality Scheme which sets out our objectives and explains how we comply with the law.  We have identified the following four priority areas which we feel will make a significant difference to our school community and ensure real, tangible outcomes: 

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination
    • Respect: To promote British Values and respect across the school
  • Advance equality of opportunity
    • Mental Health: Invest in training for staff to support therapeutic interventions
    • SEND: Develop autism awareness
  • Foster good relations
    • Ethnicity: To raise awareness of other cultures.


Teaching and Learning

As educators, we teach our children about discrimination and how to respect others. We do this constantly throughout everything we do: respect is at the heart of all our work.  We also use assemblies, collective worship, wellbeing lessons and other formal lessons to develop a good understanding of equality in our children.

Sometimes, despite all our best efforts, children make mistakes which could be viewed as discriminatory.  Whenever an incident such as this occurs, we follow our behaviour policy where all forms of discrimination are deemed to be High Level incidents.  However, as well as delivering the consequences outlined in the policy, we always use these as learning points for the child.  This enables us to help our children to develop an understanding of the fundamental British Values which underpin our school ethos and which they will need to understand as adults.

Further details about our equalities scheme can be found below:

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